Saturday, October 15, 2011

Human Decorators are Boring!

Today I am writing about a product that I feel is an insult to dogs everywhere. That product is the amazing mat. I am sharing a link so that you can see what it does.
The mat is supposed to keep dirt from getting into a home, office, or wherever you choose to put it. This mat will stop muddy pawprints before a dog can get into the house with muddy paws. I think this is awful because a dog goes to the trouble of getting paws dirty for the purpose of properly decorating the human homes. Many humans have boring, uninteresting homes because they spend entirely too much time cleaning them. In the process of cleaning, they clean all the interesting sights and smells out of their homes. Yes, I know it is stupid, but you have to remember, you are dealing with humans here--not dogs. We dogs don't waste time and energy cleaning to make a place look less interesting. For all the dogs who are reading this, I would suggest you make sure that this product never comes into your home. If it does, chew it to pieces before it can turn your home into a sterile, uninteresting environment. Remember, if a dog doesn't fix the situation, no one will.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Good Taste)

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