Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walmart Wars

I've already written a blog today, but I saw a news article about a fight at Walmart, and I could not resist writing another blog. Police were called to the Walmart in Arbutus, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore, because a couple of female customers got into a fight and were throwing bleach and other chemicals at each other. Most countries frown on chemical warfare, but these were not women running countries. These were shoppers hunting for bargains. "This is obviously not the type of behavior we would expect from people at our stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused to our customers," Walmart officials said in a statement. Come on. . . . does Walmart really expect us to believe this? I live in Howell, MI, which is normally a nice, polite town. . . . . until the humans go to Walmart. I would not be surprised to see some of their customers walking in with loaded weapons in order to get to the bargains first. In fact, Walmart is always "declaring war" on their competition. My guess is that some of their customers take the "war" a bit too seriously. Perhaps the military recruiters should set up an office in each Walmart store so that they can get some of the customers to sign up while they are still in the mood to fight. Perhaps Walmart needs to offer some classes in chemical warfare so that next time their customers will be better prepared to fight each other. When the economy isn't good, those bargains are harder and harder to find. Next time you decide to go shopping at Walmart, do so at your own risk--and perhaps it would be a good idea to take a white flag with you--or buy one on aisle 7A

Demon Flash Bandit (Walmart Wars)

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  1. Walmart is a dangerous place!! That's why I always take my son with me...he's 6'7 and weighs 300 strong pounds. If nothing else, he can carry me out! Have you ever been to a Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving? Seriously...SWAT couldn't take down those shoppers.