Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movie, The Beaver: Not Successful at Box Office

A limited release of a recent movie starring Mel Gibson was a bomb. The movie had a limited release, and brought in $104,000. I have not yet had the opportunity to see the movie, but Mel Gibson plays a person who walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand. I just read a blog about the reasons why it probably did not do well, but I think my theory is the correct one. The movie was called The Beaver which means it was either a remake the the classic television series, Leave it to Beaver (which it was not), or the main "character" was a furry little beaver. I know the beavers can be cute, but basically all they do is work, thus the term, "busy as a beaver". They are the engineers of the animal world--always building dams when they could be napping. I think if the movie had been called, The Dog, it would have done much better. We dogs are adorable, and we are much more fun to watch. We know how to play games and have fun. Obviously, the humans love us because you see a lot more humans walking dogs instead of walking beavers. If they insisted on having the movie be about beavers, it could have been vastly improved by making the beaver puppet play Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver. Everyone of the actors could have worn a puppet on their hands, and that would make it possible to have Wally, Eddie Haskell, and the rest of the gang. The next time Hollywood wants to do a puppet movie, I would suggest they remake Mr. Ed because that would be cool having a talking horse puppet who will only talk to the Wilbur puppet.

Demon Flash Bandit (The Dog)

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