Monday, May 9, 2011

Great Blog Creates Great Responsibility

It always makes me feel good to see the importance of my blog on the world around me. Recently I wrote a blog about No Pants Day. Today I saw an article on the Internet about an attorney in Austria who dropped his pants while his client was being questioned. This happened on April 20 in the hamlet of Mayrhoten and was reported in the Tiroler Tageszetung. It is a shame that the attorney was unidentified, because if I knew his name, I could let him know that No Pants Day doesn't happen until May. He must have been so excited over the upcoming No Pants Day that he started celebrating early. It is also heartwarming to see the day spreading around the world. I wrote a blog about financial zombies, and it is now Zombie Month. I can't tell you how it feels to have the ideas of one dog so quickly incorporated into the humans' lives. It also brings with it a very sobering thought. Very much like Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. I hope that I can continue writing this blog and make the world a better, possibly even pantless, place. Perhaps one day the humans will read my blogs about evil birds and realize that birds must die.

With the importance of my blog subject in mind, I have carefully chosen my subject for today. That subject is tennis balls. They are cool because they fit in most dogs' mouths, and they feel fuzzy which makes them feel furry like us dogs. They bounce, and they are lots of fun. Okay, you may have guessed, but tennis balls aren't really the important topic of the day. However, they are fun and deserve to be mentioned. The real topic today is that yesterday was Mother's Day, and in keeping with my blog about Mother's Day being a day to give something special to the family dog or dogs, I got my wish. Mommy brought an entire foot long Angus Subway sandwich just for me. It had provolone cheese and it was delicious! This proves that with great responsibility comes great rewards. Had I not written that blog telling the humans what to do for Mother's Day, my humans would have never figured it out for themselves. Humans just don't have that much brain power. I can only hope that other humans read my blog and got great stuff for their dogs thanks to my wisdom. I have to go now so that I can take a nap. This
"great responsibility" stuff makes a dog tired.

Demon Flash Bandit (With Great Blog Comes Great Responsibility)

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