Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exploding Watermelons Making Gallagher Unemployed?

According to news reports, there are fields of watermelons in China that are literally exploding in the fields. Some reports blame the use of a growth accelerator, but since it has happened in fields with watermelons that aren't treated with the chemical also, I guess they aren't exactly sure what is causing it. Of course, it could be that the untreated fields got some of the chemicals on them due to wind, stupid birds, etc. However, this dog is not concerned with what is causing it since that is a job for the scientist dogs. You might be thinking, Demon Flash Bandit, is it because there will be less watermelon to eat? No, that isn't the worst part of the problem either. The worst thing about this situation is that when watermelons decide to "smash" themselves, that puts hard working comediennes like Gallagher out of work. The man who is best known here in the United States for smashing watermelons in front of his audiences while selling his watermelons smashing product-unemployed!! How is he going to make a living when the watermelons are taking his job from him? No one is going to pay to see previously smashed watermelons. It takes the fun out of the demonstration. As it is, he hasn't had a lot of television specials recently so I hate to see the possibility of this whole watermelon situation growing out of paw. Very much like that documentary movie, Killer Tomatoes, what if the watermelons are starting out exploding themselves to get the humans to feel sorry for them and then they decide to go on a killing spree? This situation must be stopped before it gets out of paw. I am going to encourage you to go to Gallagher's official website to support him during this time of watermelon crisis. The address is:
Let's hope that the watermelon crisis ends quickly so that Gallagher and comediennes like him won't be out of work!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Exploding Watermelons)

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