Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dedicated Employees at Amazon.com

Occasionally we get things we have ordered from Amazon.com in the mail. I wonder how many of their customers bother to thank them for sending their orders so promptly. Most companies store their merchandise in warehouses that are usually located in cities. Amazon's warehouses are located in the Amazonian rain forest which is why the company is called Amazon. Those workers have to trudge through the jungle to get to work and mail the packages. That takes nerve to know that you could meet a cobra, a tiger, or a lion--not to mention a cute little poison dart frog on the way to work. Most employees do not have to go through such hazards just to get to work. Next time you get a package from Amazon.com, be sure and thank them for their perseverance. It takes dedicated employees to go through so much to get to work and then have Walmart declare war on them every few days. Amazon employees are a brave group!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Amazon.com)


  1. Akhtually the Wally World Slaves enkhounter more dangers -

    Those perils are khalled The People of Walmart



  2. Well said, Khyra. I've seen that website and those humans are scary. In fact, I think that the humans who shop at Walmart check their brains in at the entrance because they tend to shop like zombies who have never been in a store before. I can only assume it is because Walmart steals their brains until they leave the store.