Sunday, May 29, 2011

Killer Tomatoes

Sometimes it becomes difficult for a dog to live with his humans and not wonder how they have managed to survive as long as they have. I am going to give you an example of what I am barking about. There have been many tornadoes that have done much damage and taken many lives in the last month across the United States including one that hit my own humans hometown of Ringgold, Georgia. This has been very sad, and my prayers have gone out to all the people affected by these storms. On a lighter note, my human is getting older and she is supposed to wear reading glasses which she is not fond of wearing---something about not wanting to admit she is getting old or being too vain to wear them--or some combination of the above. This leads me to my topic for today. Mommy got on the computer yesterday, and the title of a news item was "killer tornadoes" which Mommy read as "killer tomatoes" because she wasn't wearing the reading glasses. For those who have read my blog last year about the danger of killer tomatoes or who are unfamiliar with the concept, there are several documentary movies called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I have been concerned with this topic since I watched the movies as a puppy because it also makes a dog realize that if a tomato can become a killer, this could happen to other vegetables. This is why us dogs prefer to eat meat. Anyway, be sure and watch out for tornadoes and tomatoes, and anything else that might be out to hurt you, but don't forget to watch out for the evil birds. Anything that can fly around dropping "bird bombs" on everyone can't be trusted!

Demon Flash Bandit (Killer Tomatoes)

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