Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thor and Bronx Zoom Escapee: The Peacock

The Bronx Zoo has been voted as the best place to be sent by all the animals in the wild. This is because the animals at that zoo always seem to manage to escape and run wild through New York City. I know there are a lot of weird things in New York, but you would think that the humans would notice when they see one of the escapees running around the town. I mean if I saw a cobra watching a Broadway play, I would think something was amiss. A short time ago, it was the Bronx Zoo Cobra that was loose, but more recently, a female peacock escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Of course, the peacock had her own twitter account under the name, Bronxzoopeacock. She isn't quite as popular as the cobra, but she does have over 4,000 followers. I'm sure that amount will probably not grow as much now that she has been captured. Yes, they have found her already, and they are still going to allow her to run loose because they are sure she will be happy at the zoo now and won't try to escape again. I think with stupid statements like that, all us dogs understand how the animals manage to escape. Besides, I'm sure the peacock was just trying to get to her job at NBC as their mascot. Of course, the cobra and peacock aren't the only ones to escape from the zoo, they are also searching for a homeless person who escaped from captivity. I guess the zoo can't even keep the homeless humans from escaping, and the zoo even provides them with meals!

I went to see Thor yesterday. As usual, I put on a shirt, and the humans at the theatre never noticed that I am a dog. I enjoyed the movie. Thor reminded me of a husky because he was strong and handsome. There should have been more dogs, but the movie studios are too cheap to pay the dogs what we would deserve. Thor was an excellent movie, and I enjoyed watching it.

Demon Flash Bandit (Wondering if There are Any Animals in the Bronx Zoo)

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