Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birds Do Not Belong on Tshirts

Birds are evil creatures who cause global warming, and are in a massive plot to take over the planet. Most dogs learn this as puppies. Even most cats know this and want to have birds as snacks. Humans just never seem to learn. It is bad enough that they build birdhouses for them, and set out bird feeders filled with bird seed to "take care of the cute birds". In addition, they have invented a video game called Angry Birds. However, when I saw a tshirt being worn by a human that had the face of an "Angry Bird" on it, I got annoyed. Once again, the humans have not been listening to their dogs wisdom. We tell them to destroy all birds, and they act like birds are harmless little creatures. Now some of them are even wearing tshirts that seem to honor birds. When will the humans listen to their dogs and use some sense?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Dislikes Birds)

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