Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Want to See Donald Trump's Birth Certificate!

Superman has renounced his United States citizenship. Yes, it was in the news yesterday. I think that Donald Trump and the birther's constant yapping about President Obama not actually being born in the United States despite the question already being settled before he took office has finally made Superman take a preemptive strike. I'm sure the reason he denounced his citizenship is because he knows that he is going to be Trump's next target. This dog can't understand why Trump keeps going on about it because Trump can't possibly be a U. S. citizen himself. Have you seen that hair? He has to be an alien from another planet with hair like that because it is not human. Sure, Clark Kent is still a citizen; but that is because he keeps a low profile so no one notices him. Officially, he was born on Krypton; but he keeps that very quiet. I know Superman has no plans to run for political office, but I'm sure Donald Trump will find some excuse to harass him. It seems that nothing ever makes the
Trump quiet.

When Obama released his birth certificate, then Trump decided to question his intelligence, and insinuated that he didn't deserve the degree from the ivy league schools he attended. This is very amusing to me because if the parents have enough money to donate, the stupid rich kids can get an ivy league degree. George W. Bush had a degree from Yale, which is an ivy league school I have yet to hear anyone say that George W. Bush was a genius because he was not. This dog had doubts that he had enough sense to come in out of the rain, but that is true of most humans so I am not insulting him. If you want intelligent leadership, the humans should vote for a dog. We are so much smarter than the humans, and I can prove it. Most of us sit around the house all day, playing and sleeping, and the humans feed us and take care of us. If you want my opinion, that is true genius. I think Trump should quit yapping and let his dog do the talking for him. Then and only then would something be said that is worth saying!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Should be in Charge)


  1. Once again DFB, woo and I are on the same pages!

    That is furry skhary -

    I wonder if our moms know?


  2. Mommy agrees with me about Trump. She doesn't like him or watch his tv show. She doesn't find anything entertaining about firing people. She doesn't like Trump much, and feels that most of his money was gotten through cheating others. We don't think he cares about anyone other than himself.