Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amenhotep III

Archaeologists (or their dogs) have recently made a big discovery in the city of Luxor. They found a statue of Amenhotep III which is 42 feet tall. I think this explains how the Pharaohs gained power in Egypt. If a 42 feet tall human says to do something, I think most of the shorter people are going to listen to him.
This statue is one of a pair that were on each side of the northern entrance to the grand funerary temple. Amenhotep III is missing his head, but I think that can easily be explained by an encounter with that Mummy that is always running around in the Mummy movies. Even a tall Pharaoh would have problems dealing with a Mummy. Amenhotep III ruled in the 14th century BC and was the grandfather of King Tutankhamen, the boy king. This was at the height of the New Kingdom, but it was still a very long time ago. In my opinion, ancient Egypt was a great kingdom because they valued their dogs. Any humans who love their dogs and treat them well get my paw of approval. I doubt that I would have enjoyed living in Egypt since I am a sled dog, and I'm not fond of hot weather, and Egypt gets a lot of hot weather. However, there were many breeds who were very happy there. I do wonder if there were some really big dogs there since the Pharaoh was 42 feet tall. I am going to assume that they hadn't invented ceiling fans back then or he would have been nervous anytime he entered a room where one was on. Anyway, I am quite sure that the archaeologists' dogs found this statue, and I'm sure the humans, as usual, took the credit for it. However, it is okay since most of us dogs don't get that excited over old statues unless they are made out of dingo bones. By the way, I think the Luxor pyramid is in Las Vegas, Nevada so I hope those archaeologists know where they are. Another interesting thought: you would think that a 42 foot tall statue would be hard to lose.....humans!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing An Archaeological Find)

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