Monday, April 11, 2011

Dogs-Worth Our Price

For my readers who might have thought that I was being a bit vain when I called Lloyd's of London to get insurance for my tail, let me assure you that it was not a frivilous thing to do. How many of you know that a dog named Hong Dong, a Tibetan mastiff, sold to a wealthy Chinese coal industrialist for 10 million yuan (which is about $1.6 million in United States currency)? Hong Dong is the most expensive dog in the world. I'm sure some of the humans probably think that is too much to pay for a dog, but this dog thinks it is quite reasonable. However, most of us don't sell for quite that much simply because most of the humans can't afford us at that price. We are worth far more than that, but since we dogs love the humans and feel sorry for them, we love them enough to allow them to get us cheap. (All us dogs know that humans without dogs are pathetic creatures.) I think all us dogs deserve a round of applause for being such wonderful companions for the humans. Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Are Worth Every Penny We Cost)

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