Friday, April 22, 2011

Discussing Easter From a Dog's Point of View

Prior to Easter, the humans around here color boiled eggs in bright, vibrant colors so that they look pretty. I have discussed this with other dogs, and we think the humans waste a lot of time making things look pretty when the food would be ready to eat a lot faster if you just serve it looking drab and plain. I personally have never eaten an egg. Sure, I have been offered eggs, but I refuse to try them. I prefer to eat bacon, and if bacon is around (which it usually is when eggs are being served), why would I want to eat an egg? Bacon happens to be one of the tastiest things around. It even improves the Burger King burgers I love so much! Some Easter traditions have met my paw of approval. I like the idea of candy because this dog loves candy. There is no better thing on Earth than tropical flavor Mike and Ikes unless it is those red color Swedish fish. Fortunately, candy is an essential part of any Easter celebration. I also approve of serving ham, which is another meat that this dog happens to love. If the humans don't want to eat bacon or ham, that is okay; but they should have it anyway for their dog's Easter celebration. I have been a good dog all year, and I know the Easter bunny will bring me lots of treats and toys. This is why I'm writing this blog. I want to make sure the "Big Bunny" sees it before Easter! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Easter Traditions)

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  1. We think a fine Easter tradition of serving bacon and ham sounds perfect. How do we get this started?