Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm Ready to Place My Order for the Pet Book K-9 Laptop

Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the coolest product ever to be on the market was an April Fool's Day joke. Toshiba had a webpage showing a computer for dogs. It can be found at this address: Yes, the first laptop computer for dogs. There are 3 models: K9-514 for $329.99, K9-515 for $369.99, and K9-517 for $399.99 I was ready to place my order for the K9-517, and then I saw at the bottom of the page that it was just an April Fool's Joke. This dog did not find it to be funny nor did I appreciate the site making it sound like a computer for dogs would be silly to make. I am blogging on a computer right now so it is about time the humans at Toshiba take note that I'm not the only dog using a computer to write a blog everyday! It is truly a "dream computer" for us dogs starting with its delicious 100% organic rawhide casing which "keeps data safe and tasty", the built in DoggyCam with microphone for inter-canine conferencing, and the pawprint reader for added security and convenience. The paw swipe log-in which gives a dog access to important files and programs with no username or passwords needed is a genius idea. The bone-shaped touchpad for easy browing and navigation is a dream come true for a dog on the Internet. The slobber resistant design is so important to protect a dog's computer investment. You might ask, why am I writing about a product that does not exist? There is a good reason for this blog. I think the good folks at Toshiba have the right idea and now they need to get it into production. This dog thinks that it will sell a lot better than they think. Some car companies are even considering us dogs when they build their cars. I think this product could give Toshiba an edge in the computer arena. HP, Gateway, Dell and Apple have not even thought of building a computer for us dogs. By the way, if anyone in their "new product" division is reading this, it would be nice to add a bowl for snacks since some dogs do enjoy a snack while they are on the computer! Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Needs a PetBook K-9)


  1. I'm using my mom's DrinkPad ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing this - this was furry inkhredible!