Monday, April 18, 2011

Dogs Have to Bark

Today's blog is about an incident that happened in Mason, Ohio. A police officer, Bradley Walker, was at a bar investigating a car crash. His K9 dog was with him, and was sitting in the police car. It seems that Officer Bradley Walker returned to the car to find the police dog was barking uncontrollably. Ryan James Stevens, age 25, was barking at the police dog. Officer Bradley Walker then gave Stevens a ticket for "teasing a police dog". Stevens claimed the dog started it. I got in touch with the police dog for a personal interview, this is how it actually happened. I'm not sure why Officer Walker didn't ask for the dog's version of the story in the first place, but you know how stupid the humans can be when dogs are involved. It turns out that the dog did start barking, but he was merely saying hello, and stay away from my rawhide bone which I have with me in the car. Obviously, Stevens was one of those humans who has a thing for rawhide bones owned by other dogs, so he started barking out all sorts of insults at the dog. He called him a cat. He told him that he is no better than a bird. He even told him that squirrels are smarter than him. He said he was going to steal the rawhide bone. Of course, the police dog had to bark a few things back like, "you know I'm a police dog, and you are going to get a ticket, you stupid human". As you can see, the dog was right. Dogs don't tend to bark without good reason. It could be the wind blowing a leaf or food on the table, but we always have a good reason to bark. The humans should know that. Demon Flash Bandit (Police Dog Had To Bark)

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