Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Labeled Bath Towels

It never ceases to amaze a dog what the humans think about that a dog wouldn't bother to waste a minute's time thinking about. Today's topic is one of those things. I found a product on the Internet that is designed to solve one of the humans worries. That product is the True Clean Towel. Yes, the humans do worry about silly things. This is also a great idea for the humans who love those human "figures" on the public restrooms signs. The towel has that figure on it and the head is marked top and the "private" areas are marked bottom. This solves the problem of where the towel has been used in the past so that the humans will know which part of the towel to use on what. This has never been an issue in this household because the humans dry their face first and wash the towels after their use. This does seem the most logical thing to do since, if they are washed, you know they are clean. It takes the guesswork out of it. Plus, for the humans who can't read well, who might mix up the words, top and bottom, this could be a major problem. For the humans reading this who HAVE TO have this product, it is only available on the website of the human who invented it. The towel can be purchased for $19.00. For those who are interested, the address is:
http://truecleantowel.com/true-clean-towel-slate.html/ .

I think that this product is okay for the humans, but if I see a towel come into the house with the "figure" of a dog on it, this dog will have to take drastic action. I have already told the humans that dogs aren't supposed to get a bath. If you don't get wet from a bath, then you don't need a towel to dry off. I know the humans like to take baths, but that does not mean a dog wants a bath. We dogs are much more intelligent, and know that if we were meant to have baths, we wouldn't hate them so much.

Demon Flash Bandit (Talking About Towels)

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  1. Good thing I have my own towel on the porch fur I just spent a glorious hour out in the yard - in the rain - AND on the damp grass -

    Spring is pawesome!

    Siberian Sponge At Large