Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farmer Demon Flash Bandit

Winter is my favorite season probably because I'm a "sled dog", but there is one thing about spring that sounds good me, and that is the prospect of planting a garden. The humans plant gardens every spring so that they can harvest tasty food products from their own plot of soil. I pawed through the catalogs Mommy gets, and I didn't really get too excited about planting tomatoes or cucumbers. However, then I realized that I could plant my own stuff. I can plant bones, Yummy Chummies, Milkbones, bacon, etc. to grow my own garden of treats. I have been busily digging in the yard to prepare for all the delicious treats that I plan to grow. A bit of bacon in this hole, a crumb of milkbone in another. By the time the summer is over, I am going to be the envy of every dog in the neighborhood. I have lived here since I was a puppy, and none of the dogs ever have a garden of treats so I know they haven't thought of it yet. After I harvest the treats, I will write a how-to book for other dogs so that they can learn how to grow their own treats too. The proceeds from the book will keep in me treats until it is time to plant a treat garden again next year. Demon Flash Bandit (Farmer Demon)


  1. Excellent idea. We are expert diggers, so we can help. Oh, and we can help eat, too. We are good at that.

  2. I suspect that the reason dogs dig is because it is passed through our genetic code to plant treat gardens. Our cavedog ancestors had to grow their own treats becuase the humans didn't have stores back then where they could buy them.