Sunday, April 10, 2011

Special Dog Furniture

I am a good dog who allows my humans to use their own furniture when I'm not using it. I did find an interesting website to share with other dogs. The address is: . This site has all sorts of sofas and beds designed specifically for dogs. I will warn you that the furniture on the site is so nice, you might have to make sure the humans know to stay off a dog's furniture. I can just picture myself curled up or stretched out on the dog bed watching a good movie like Snow Dogs or Eight Below. Of course, I would need some tasty dog treats to eat while I watch--perhaps some Yummy Chummies or some Milkbones. Yes, that would be very enjoyable. I have to go now, and make sure my humans see this website. I haven't checked the prices because I am worth whatever they are charging. After all, I am one of the family dogs!!! Demon Flash Bandit (Found Cool Dog Furniture Website)


  1. Wow!

    I wonder if they are more khomfy than my chair?


  2. I know the human furniture around here is comfy, but from the looks of the furniture on the site, it looks like it would be comfy too. By the way, I get no money for referring dogs to the site. I just found it and thought the stuff they had looked interesting.