Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Barking--Simpler Than Most Human Words

Gas prices have been going up where I live which is probably true all over the world. In fact, as soon as a barrel goes up in price, the local gas stations start raising the prices. On the other paw, when the gas prices go down per barrel, it takes quite a while for the savings to show up at the local gas stations. Since it is always important to have a dog look into these kinds of situations, I decided I would check into it to see why the prices take so long to go down. I came to the conclusion that they don't come down very fast because the longer they stay up, the more money the owner of the local gas station brings in. Of course, I have to admit that I am not an economist so maybe that kind of common sense thinking isn't really what happens so it was nice to see that there was an item in today's news explaining why it happens. Sam Peltzman, a free market economist, studied this phenomenon, and he came to the conclusion that prices don't go down as fast as they go up so that the business man who owns the gas station (and possibly the distributors) can make more money. Most of the humans call this "price gouging", but the economists now call it "asymmetrical price adjustment". Have you ever noticed how the humans always manage to come up with a complicated sounding title to anything that they don't want to admit is happening? It is the same reason that some humans refer to giving a dog a bath as a "day at the spa". You can fool the humans with that kind of nonsense, but you can't fool a dog. If we have to get wet and get dog shampoo all over our fur, it is a bath. I don't care what you call it, most dogs won't like it, and that includes myself. If dogs were supposed to have baths, we would have been born with shower caps. If only dogs ran the world, it would be a much simpler place, and you would not need complicated words because a few barks would explain everything.

Demon Flash Bandit (Barks--Better Than Words)

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