Friday, April 15, 2011

Billboard Getting World Wide Attention

I enjoy the new television show, The Walking Dead. However, some of the people living in England aren't too pleased with one billboard advertising the show. The billboard is on the side of a funeral home. For those who would like to see the article, the link is: I suppose that it can be considered in poor taste to put a billboard for a show about zombies on the side of a funeral home, but on the other paw, I wonder just how tasteful it is to have any ad on the side of a funeral home. Would an ad for a cemetery plot or a casket make a grieving family approaching the funeral home feel any better? Perhaps the real problem is not in the advertising itself, but in the funeral home allowing ads to be put on the side of their building. Besides, if you want an ad to get attention, it has accomplished the task. A billboard in England is getting world wide attention. I bet the people at the ad agency are thrilled. Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Zombie Dog)

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