Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where is My Book Deal?

Harper Collins has announced that a book deal with the Bronx Zoo Cobra has been reached. The cobra will be writing an autobiography entitled, Cobra Blood, about the snake's adventures in the city. The zoo said that the snake never left the Reptile House, but those of us who kept up with the snake's tweats know better. The snake, which escaped from the Bronx Zoo on March 26, enjoyed sightseeing around the "Big Apple", before being apprehended by zoo officials. The zoo officials had been on the lookout for the snake as soon as they noticed she was missing. I personally found the snake's escapades to be fun reading. However, if that earthworm that I met in the yard who bought the hooded jacket and is trying to pass himself off as the Bronx Cobra gets a book deal, this dog will be angry. I don't have a book deal myself and I have written several children's books. Of course, I have not sent them in to any publishers yet because I think the publishers should come to me. I doubt that the stupid snake had to go to the publishers--and that snake didn't even blog--she just posted what she was doing at the time. I happen to be a highly respected blogger, and I know this because I write myself a lot of fan mail. Anyway, if the worm tries to get a book deal, I will go outside and smash him with my mighty paw. I don't mind the earthworm pretending he is the snake, but I draw the line at writing. That is MY vocation, and I am not about to compete with a worm. I wonder if Hollywood will make a movie based on the snake's book. I think it would be an interesting movie. Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Is Better than a Snake)

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