Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Did Not Attend the Comic Con Because it was Stupid

My human brother, Jeff, and I went to the ComicCon in Novi, Michigan yesterday, and I was not allowed in because I'm a Dog! I was wearing my red Superdog cape, and I looked quite handsome if I do say so myself. I even winked at the admission ticket humans with my gorgeous blue eyes. Imagine my anger when they would not allow me to enter the event. We huskies are a stubborn breed so I didn't give up easily. I tried several times to make my way into the event. I told them I was Dylan Dog, but they didn't believe me. They told me Dylan Dog was not a dog. I told them I was one of the huskies from Marmaduke and I was told that Marmaduke was a dog who would not be allowed to enter either. I even bandaged my paws, and rode in a wheelchair hoping for the "sympathy" entrance, but that didn't work either. What a bunch of stupid human jerks!!! They allowed humans dressed as Storm Troopers and Artoodetoo into the ComicCon. I guess space aliens and robots are okay, but dogs are not. Who makes up these stupid rules anyway? When a world famous blogger like myself isn't allowed to enter, I'm surprised they have any celebrities that people want to see. Don't they realize that they could make a fortune getting 10% of the money I get for my pawtographs? It is their loss. I decided to head for Burger King to get a couple of burgers. Bacon on the burgers will help soothe my hurt feelings. I wouldn't be surprised if the humans running the ComicCon refused to allow bacon to be served. This is what happens when stupid humans are put in charge of things.

Demon Flash Bandit (Not Attending the ComicCon)


  1. That's just plain wrong!

    I wonder who will save their silly humans butts when the khrazy khats from khaturn try to invade?


  2. Perhaps we should the the khrazy khats take over, but we won't because we love the humans.