Monday, May 2, 2011

Angus Burgers at Subway: Delicious!!!!!

Since I was a puppy, I have loved the burgers from Burger King. I think that realm which is ruled by King Burger must be a magical land filled with delicious foods. It is difficult for my humans to even get me to try another burger--until yesterday. Mommy came home with an Angus burger from Subway, and I actually asked for a bite because it smelled so good. I must let my readers know that it tasted as good as it smelled. Finally, I have found another burger that I will eat. For those of you who have not tried it, I would suggest you get one as soon as possible. I am not being paid by Subway for writing this, but I am doing it because a burger that good deserves my praise. I only wish that Mommy had given me her entire burger. She did share, but I would have liked to have eaten the entire sandwich. If you should decide to try one, be sure and ask to have it toasted because I doubt if it would taste as good cold. I even ate the cheese that was on the burger from Subway. Mommy has to order Burger King burgers for me without cheese because I don't like the cheese they use there. I am picky about cheese, and the cheese Burger King uses does not meet my standards!

I might add that Subway has tasty cookies too, but they do not serve the delicious milkshakes that Burger King serves so perhaps the humans running Subway might check into adding them to the menu. One nice thing about Subway is that you can add bacon, and bacon is also very delicious. I have yet to meet a dog who does not like bacon.

I hope that all my readers are getting tasty items to eat.

Demon Flash Bandit (Subway Burgers Are Delicious)


  1. I'm going to miss Khousin Merdie and Khousin Harley's Subway -

    They've sold theirs ;-(


  2. This is a tragedy for you and your family. I think you should tell them to buy another Subway store quick before you get hungry again.