Monday, May 16, 2016

Motor City Comic-Con

I learned this morning that my pal, Whitley has crossed over the rainbow bridge.  I will miss Whitley, as will many other dogs and humans who knew her.

My nonfur brothers, William and Jeff went to the Motor City Comic-Con over the weekend. Humom stayed home with us.  I thought about going, but when a celebrity blogger like myself walks into a crowd like that, the crowd goes nuts.  I didn't want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt by the mob.  Being a celebrity dog is not easy.  Perhaps I should sell some of my fur on ebay to make the mob happy.  It isn't like I don't give it generously to my humans.  Ask any human who is owned by a Siberian husky.  We give enough fur to create another husky.  We wanted to stay home with humom anyway. She didn't feel like going.  Mom did have Jeff get Lea Thompson's autograph for her.  Lea was the actress who was in Back to the Future and that terrific movie, Howard the Duck.

Burt Ward, who played Robin in the original Bat man television series was there.   I will write more about him in a future blog.  He lives a very useful life rescuing dogs.  Adam West was also there.  Jeff got his autograph, but Mom said she would not pay $80. for it.  When she used to watch the show, she preferred Robin.  Since he now helps dogs, she had impeccably good taste even as a child.

Demon Flash Bandit. (Chilling With Humom)

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