Monday, May 30, 2016

Bacon: It is what's for dinner

My humom says that I am a good boy, and I have to.agree with her.  I am a wonderful dog. For example, yesterday I was strolling through the kitchen which my humans use for food storage and preparation.  Personally, considering houses have living rooms, bedrooms, and the highly unnecessary bathrooms, I would assume it should be called a food room.   I don't spend much time in there.  Anyway, I happened to notice that there was a package of fully cooked bacon sitting there.  I knew it was for me because the humns know I love bacon.  They order bacon and ham on pizzas for Angel and me.  I opened the food room's cabinets with my paw, and grabbed the package in my mouth.  My brother, William, took it from me because "he didn't t'hink humom bought it for me".  Humom told him to open the package and give Angel and me the bacon.  All I have to do with humom
 is give her my pathetic "doggy wants bacon look" and I get bacon.  I always try to eat all the bacon in the house. Bacon is not good for the humans, but 100% of veterinarians who are being held hostage by dogs say bacon is the perfect food for dogs.  There was one vet who disagreed, but after the dogs dug a nice big hole, that vet  is pushing up daisies.

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Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Bacon)

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