Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Goals as President

I have been silent on the subject of the young human who went into a church and killed some people of African American descent.  Evidently, some of the humans think it was done by a Confederate flag that ran amok amd went on a killing spree.  The media takes a.kid who dropped out of school, used drugs, was more than likely insane, and got a gun legally which.he should not have been able to do.  Instead of gettng to the root of the problems, as usual, the govt.'s answer is to blame an inanimate object.  At least 10 years ago, a man with a gun walked into a Ford plant in Wixom, Michigan and killed an employee.  My dad worked in the plant at the time.  Why?  Because he was in love with one of the women who worked there that he met in a local bar.  Yes, the man was nuts. I try to be concerned with other people's feelings, but I do wonder where it going to end.  Since I am running for President, I thought I should let my readers know what I find offensive because.I will push to enact legislation against these things.

1. I find birds living on my planet to be highly offensive.  I want all birds shot on sight so that they can't take over this wonderful planet.

2.  I would outlaw all sale ads for.kibble.  I find those ads are stupid.  Dogs don't want to eat.kibble.  They want to eat wbat their humans are eating!

3. I find dog clothing highly offensive unless a dog wants ro wear said item.

4,  Baths and grooming need to be outlawed.  I don't like either of them.

5.  Vets-not military vets, but vets that treat animals.  However, if a military vet is also a pet dr. , I would suggest.that he is part of some "Inception" type movie plot and can't be trusted.

As you can see, I plan to be a paws on president who gets things done.

Demon Flash Bandit.(Presidential  Plans)

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