Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chef Demon Flash Bandit

"The best laid plans of dogs and men often go awry"  which is based on a line from a poem by Robert Burns.  I discovered the truth of that sentiment earlier today.  I had been preparing a rawhide bone for my consumption for a long time.  I have been systematically "marinating my bone in mud, dirt, and other interesting smells until it was.finally at just the proper eating level.   Your bone has achieved that moment when you start to eat it, and the humans gag just looking at it.  This is when the fun starts.  The humans will try to grab the bone from you at this point.  A couple of growls will make your humans rethink that plan.  This is when they try to get the bone from you with the "grabby arm".  Feel free to bite it because you can't hurt it.  It is metal and plastic so it feels no pain!  This is the point where the humans are willing to negotiate.  I got a bag of bite size dingo bones in exchange for the "yucky" rawhide bone.   I think the humans threw my marinated bone in the trash..I'm sure I can get myself another bag of dingo bones or maybe some other delicious treat. To be honest, I would love to eat my yucky rawhide.  Believe me:  it smells so good.  If only I could find it.

Demon Flash Bandit (Doggy Chef)

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