Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sharing Scientifical Knowledge

I have decided to write today about a scientifical subject because sometimes a dog likes to write about intellectual things.  Today I am going to discuss the latest scientifical findings from a group of terrier scientists (of which my friends, Whitley and Finley head the team).  These terriers have done some extensive research and their research has shown that squirrels are jerks.  Not only are they jerks, but they are annoying.  I personally have not dealt with a lot of squirrels so I can't speak from experience.  I'm usually much too busy keeping my eyes on the evil birds. so I have not noticed what jerks squirrels can be.  I'm so glad that the terriers have done the research for me because, quite frankly, this dog needs to save more time for napping.  Twenty hours a day set aside for napping is not enough.  In fact, cat scientists have come to the same conclusion as the terriers so that proves it dogs....squirrels are jerks!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sharing Scientifical Knowledge)


  1. Yep, they are jerks - specially when dey get up in da trees and taunt us on our walks.

  2. Crikey ... I've never met one so I can't comment but if you say they're jerks then jerks they be. Whitley and Finley would know for sure. They are VERY scientifical!! I reckon possums are jerks too. They give me a hard time taunting me from trees. What d'ya reckon Finley and Whitley. Are possums jerks too??