Monday, March 17, 2014

My Treasure Was Stolen by MY Humans!!!

I have been unable to write for the past week, but I think the problem is now solved.  It seems that the browser my computer was using did not work with blogspot.  I hope this has not been too big an inconvenience for the many dogs out there who depend on reading my blog for my latest words of wisdom.  Because of my inability to write recently, there are so many things for me to write about that I hardly know where to begin.  When that happens, I like to begin with my favorite subject---ME!

Guess what I did last week.  I killed a mouse.  Sure, it isn't like I killed a bird, but I still consider it a score for a dog.  I have to admit I did make one mistake.  I let my humans see the mouse, and they took it from me.  A dog finds a rare trophy,  and the humans make the dog give it up.  They came up with an excuse that they thought I would buy, but I didn't buy it for one minute.  I'm a dog which means that the humans aren't smart enough to fool me.  They tried to claim that the mouse might have had some "poison" put out by neighbors so it wasn't safe to eat.  Do they really think any dog would be dumb enough to believe that.?  I know  that they wanted that delicious mouse for themselves.  I settled for the roasted chicken they gave me for dinner, but I would have loved to have tried that mouse.  I mice lay eggs? If so, there could be some delicious eggs hanging out in the yard, and this time the humans won't see them. Fool a dog once, shame on you....fool a dog twice, no way!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Treasure Stolen by Humans)


  1. Good job on da mouse kill! Ya know what my family does wif my kills? Dey gives em to da garbage dude! I bet he takes em home and displays him and takes credit for dem too!!

  2. Yep, we brings 'em our kills and dey gives dem to da garbage man! What da woof with dat?

    Congrats on your kill!

  3. You blokes need to learn to be sneaky like me. NEVER let them near a kill. That's the first lesson.

  4. Don't you know the keep away tricks??
    Keep away from MY treasure! BOL!
    The peeps took my coon away from me, among many other treasure, but that was my best one and the hardest one I worked for...sigh...