Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Demon Flash Bandit--Game Developer Dog

My pals at Arctic Paws have sent 5 truckloads of Yummy Chummies 2.5 pound value bags to Costcos in 4 states: those states are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. For my readers who live in those states and shop at Costco, be sure and pick up a bag. Yummy Chummies are wonderful dog treats, and they aren't readily available in all places.

Virtual games are quite popular with many of the humans. I know I have watched Mommy waste time playing Farmtown--time that could have been better spent rubbing my tummy. Don't get me wrong--I can see the appeal of virtual farming versus real farming since real farming doesn't look like much fun. In fact, it looks like work to me. Therefore, I can understand why the humans would prefer the virtual world to the real world at times. The real world would have less competition from the virtual world if it made life easier. Facebook has a lot of popular games and a lot of humans like Facebook. Another rival company, Google has been trying to make friends with one of the game developers. Meanwhile Disney has purchased a game company, and they spent a lot of money on it--money which could have been better spent on dingo bones if you ask my opinion. I wonder why the big companies are not trying to get my business. I have developed some very cool games for the Internet. There is my "Treat the Dog" game, which involves adopting a dog and giving the dog treats and tummy rubs. There is "Virtual Fetch". The virtual human throws the ball, and the dog gets it for him or her. There is "Let's Dig To China", which is a game in which the dog digs a very, very deep hole. My personal favorite of my games is the "Let's Decorate with Paw Prints" game which involves having the room decorated with muddy paws. The best thing about these games is that there is no point system or "virtual cash". The person playing just gets to watch the dog do fun stuff. I think this makes them among the best games on the Internet. Any human with taste will want to play them....forget Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Who Ate my games rule!

Demon Flash Bandit (Virtual Game Developer)

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