Friday, February 17, 2017

Incomperant Birds

Today I am writing this blog about human biology.  It has come to my attention that human puppies are found in cabbage patches by birds called storks.  I got this information from an animated documentary  I watched  when I was a puppy.  Therefore, I know it is factual.  This concerns me because birds are involved on the process.  This does explain why stores have sold cabbage patch kids.  Storks, equipped with their small bird brains dropped them off at the wrong place.  I will never understand why humans trust birds when they so clearly incompetent.  I hope someday the humans will see birds through a dog's eyes.

Demon Flash Bandit (Bird Watcher)


  1. Crikey Demon ..... You learnt a lot when you were a puppy, aye?? Unlike Kinley I don't bark at birds. I chase 'em. Those stork blokes would pretty soon drop their bundles with me around, aye??

  2. DFB writes: Birds are a pain. One idiot bird was trying to eat our house and, in the process, woke me up. I hate to have my nap disturbed. It was a sapsucker. Stupid woodpecker family!

  3. Those woodpeckers make lots of noise...and some of them screech too. I bark em and um...I have caught me a couple in days gone by...can't do it now anymore but I can relish the memories, BOL!!