Saturday, February 18, 2017

Adventures of a Travelling Dog)

Recently I wrote a blog about  telephones.  Due to the mobility of modern phones, the phone booth has become virtually obsolete.  There is the obvious observation about Superman losing his dressing room, but I am concerned about its other uses, and I'm not referring to upscale housing for the homeless.  Dr. Who has one that is a time machine.  In the two Bill and Ted movies (Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey) the duo travelled through time in a phone booth.  I assume that if the third sequel is made, it will also have a phone booth time machine.  This means that telephone booths are time machines camouflaged as booths for only telephones.   I plan to buy one and have my own adventures in time.  Then I will change my blog title to Adventures of a Time Travelling Dog.  I need to go so I can buy one before the humans realize they are time machines.  I want to get one as cheap as possible.  I hate to spend money on non bone items.

Demon Flash Bandit (Adventurous Dog))

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