Sunday, February 20, 2011

Star Trek: The Avian Factor

I just watched a video which shows my warnings about bird takeover are real. The video is a clip in which the crew of the Starship Enterprise (Next Generation) have become addicted to a video game called Angry Birds. It is called "The Avian Factor". This addiction is an attempt by aliens to take over Star Fleet. The video can be viewed at . I hope that people will begin to listen to my many warnings about the birds and their plans for world domination. I'm sure that, once the aliens have conquered Star Fleet, the birds will then go after the aliens that are "helping" them now. Birds cannot be trusted!

According to the Internet news, the royal wedding invitations have been mailed. I think being the Queen does have its advantages. The invitation says "The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by the Queen to invite....... The Queen Lady has almost as much power as a dog. I know I often command my humans to do things which they do because I told them to. I already know that I am invited since the Queen Lady and I are such close pals. However, I do think it was unwise not to invite the Obamas and Bo, the first dog. I'm sure the Obamas are okay with not going, but I think the Queen should realize that leaving out a very powerful leader of a country with which her country is a friend could have some serious repercussions with the citizens of that country. Sure, I'm happy she invited me, but if I had known she was leaving out our President, I doubt that I would have accepted the invitation. Since I have already given my word that I will be there and I'm a dog of honor, I will still go. However, you can be sure the Queen Lady will be getting a "barking at" when I get there.

Demon Flash Bandit (Birds Are Evil)

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