Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Look Elegant and "Classy"

Since this dog happens to be friends with so many celebrities, including the Queen of England, I get email from my readers asking me how they can decorate their homes and yards so that they will look elegant and "cultured". I am going to save time by answering this question in my blog for everyone to read.

I have found that the secret to an elegant yard is to have some plastic pink flamingos decorating said yard. Nothing says class and sophistication like a bunch of pink flamingos in the yard. Sure, it would be great if you could afford flamingos designed by Don Featherstone in your yard, but don't let a budget keep you from reaching your goal. The next time Walmart has a batch of plastic flamingos, get them while they are available. Better yet, ask the manager of Walmart for them. If enough humans ask for them, I'm sure the CEO of Walmart will make sure some company starts manufacturing them. You'll be glad you got them when people drive by your yard, and give that envious look that the humans get when they know they can't live up to your standards.

Don't let the elegance stop at the yard. has all sorts of wonderful flamingo items for you to buy. It offers everything from a pink flamingo purse to rugs for the inside of your home. Yes, you can continue the flamingo motif throughout your home. There are even flamingo Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree. Other humans will know how much class you have when they enter your house and see so many flamingo items. My own Mommy has a pair of flamingo earrings. This is why I know she has good taste.

I hope this blog has helped the humans out there learn how to look classy.

Demon Flash Bandit (Pink Flamingos--Always in Good Taste)

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