Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Want My Own Radio Show!

This dog wants a radio show of my own. I think it is about time I bark my views to the world. I have a good reason that I should have one. If the human, Rush Limbaugh, can have his own show, why do I not have a show of my own? He is always saying something that would be better left unsaid. For example, he is now criticizing Michelle Obama because of her "let's move" campaign. Don't get me wrong-I love junk food myself. I love my Burger King, and believe me, Michelle Obama does not want to tell me I can't have them because I would not take it well. However, it is a good idea to encourage the other humans to eat nutritional foods, and get some exercise. It isn't like she is sending the exercise and tofu police to make sure anyone does it. All the first ladies have some kind of thing they do try to improve things. Lady Bird Johnson was on a campaign to encourage people to "keep America beautiful". As a dog, I think throwing interesting trash out of the car is great, but my dog ancestors did not go after Lady Bird because all the humans have bad taste when it comes to decorating. I might add that I don't have to tell my loyal readers that I don't even like birds! Normally, I wouldn't pay any attention to Limbaugh mainly because I feel he is the ultimate in hypocrisy, yet he loves to accuse everyone else of being a hypocrite. He is for family values, but the last I counted (and this was more than a decade ago), he had been divorced 3 times. He has had a drug problem. Now he is saying Mrs. Obama is too fat--does he not look into a mirror? I happen to be the right size, but my humans could stand to lose some weight so they know it isn't easy, and some thin humans eat lots more than they should. They just have better metabolisms. However, Limbaugh is human, and all the humans have faults. The thing that makes me annoyed with him is that he is so quick to point out the faults of others when he is often worse. To put the words of Jesus into more modern terminology, you should get your own life straightened out before you tell everyone else how to live. It is amazing how little the Conservatives listen to the very religion they claim to believe. With all this in mind, I'm expecting a phone call tomorrow to offer me my own radio show. I think I would be a lot nicer and a lot more entertaining than that clown, Limbaugh. Sorry, I mean no offense to clowns!

Demon Flash Bandit (Waiting for an Offer for My Own Radio Show)


  1. I know woo already surpass RL and GB with intelligence AND sense - not too mention scents!


  2. I disagree with Khyra the Queen of the tree. I think your DUMPS surpass the intelligence and sense that RL and GM think they have. We're just sayin......

    Looking forward to your radio show.