Monday, February 7, 2011

Max, George Clooney's Pet Pig

Today I am going to discuss some little known trivia about the making of the movie, Batman and Robin, which starred George Clooney. This movie was made back when Clooney's pet pig, Max was still alive. Clooney loved Max, and credited Max for saving his life in an Earthquake. As it turned out, Clooney went along with the script; but he did have a few suggestions which, for some odd reason, were not used by the studio. He wanted to change the name of Batman to Batpig, and have a pig emblem on his costume instead of a bat. His car would be the Sueymobile, he would respond only to the "pig signal", and he would communicate via ham radio. He wanted his love interest to be called Hog Sow, and be played by none other than Miss Piggy. Robin kept saying "Holy Pressed Ham" Batman. One of the villians in the movie was the Butcher. Have you met a pig yet who didn't think the Butcher wasn't a villian? Even Arnold, the pig from Green Acres didn't like the Butcher. It is hard to understand why the studio didn't decide to go with these suggestions, but they didn't and they ended up making a mediocre Batman movie when they could have had a blockbuster, Batpig movie.

There were humans who complained about the costumes having nipples, but Mr. Freeze was one of the villians so I think that would be a natural reaction to the cold.

All joking aside, it is nice to see someone who loves their pet so much. Max died a few years ago, and I know that he is in Hog Heaven now waiting to be reunited his George, his human.

Demon Flash Bandit (Max was a Great Pig)


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