Sunday, February 27, 2011

Geese: Humans Mad at Them for the Wrong Reason

There is a school in Missouri that has had a problem with allowing children to play outside on the playground because geese have been hanging out there and leaving behind their poop. Sure, this dog thinks school is a waste of a dog's time. When you take the humans to obedience school, they take forever to learn anything because humans don't think they have to listen to a dog. It takes a long time for them to understand that a dog is supposed to be in charge. Anyway, the humans have found a way to solve the problem. They put a cutout of a coyote who looks like he has a goose in his mouth and it has solved the problem--or so they think. If I know anything about the evil birds--and I do. There will be more trouble in the future. I would venture a guess that the geese are busy forming a geese army and preparing their weapons to do battle with that coyote. When they discover that the coyote is a decoy, there will be trouble. The school should skip the fake coyote and go with dogs. We know how to fight the evil birds, and we could keep them away. Of course, knowing how silly the humans are, they would probably start complaining that there is dog poop on the playground. Sometimes you just can't please the humans. They are odd. Personally, I don't see where poop is a bad thing; but as usual. the humans have bad taste.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Knows Birds Are Evil)

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  1. Ha!

    Years ago, the golf khourse used to have a Golden Retriever that would keep 'em from gaggling - and made them move along fur there was nothing to see!