Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interview With Bow-Nessie, The "Sea Monster"

Recent photos of Bow-Nessie, were on the Internet news today. Bow-Nessie is the "monster" that inhabits Lake Windermere, England's largest lake. Bow-Nessie is not really a monster. The humans like to give that title to anything they don't understand. I've met Bow-Nessie and I've found Bow to be a very charming companion. In fact, the reason Bow is being seen more now is that he has received his invitation to the upcoming royal wedding, and Bow knows that he will have to make a couple of appearances prior to attending because the humans scare easily. This way, he will get them used to seeing him before the big event. If he just showed up at the wedding without any previous photos, the humans might act like those humans act in the Godzilla films. Bow has no intention of destroying London so he wants to make sure the humans know about his attendence in advance. I was able to get an interview with Bow and I am going to share it with my readers.

Demon: Hi Bow. It is nice to meet you. How long have you lived in the lake?
Bow: I'm not sure since we "sea monsters" don't really measure time like the humans. We don't even have watches or clocks.
Demon: What do you eat?
Bow: Fish. There are lots of them in the lake.
Demon: Have you ever thought of moving?
Bow: No, it would be too much trouble.
Demon: How do you feel about fishermen?
Bow: They don't bother me. Their poles aren't strong enough to catch me.
Demon: Can you survive on land?
Bow: Yes, but I have to carry a special tank that is kind of opposite of the kind the humans use for scuba diving.
Demon: I wasn't aware that you had that kind of technology.
Bow. Of course, we do. We are a very advanced culture.
Demon: Does this mean that you aren't the only one?
Bow: Of course I'm not the only one. In fact, we start out as those sea creatures that the humans sell in the back of comic books. Once we get into a large body of water, we get really big.
Demon: Are you looking forward to the royal wedding?
Bow: I am so thrilled to be invited. Will you be there?
Demon: Yes, the Queen Lady asked me personally to be there.
Bow: I look forward to seeing you there.
Demon: Same here. Have a good swim!

I am proud to be the first person to be granted an interview with Bow-Nessie. I hope my readers now understand the creature better. He is not a monster, but just a regular guy like the rest of us.

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