Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Last Veteran of World War I

It is nice to know that Charlie Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, has been reading my blog because he quit his job. I guess putting a muzzle on Charlie is a lot harder than he realized. I will admit that it is a job that this dog wouldn't want to have because I think Charlie Sheen just might bite the person who tries to put on the muzzle. I am wondering if he had his rabies shots because he seems to be suffering from rabies because if anyone has gone "mad", it is him. Has anyone seen him foaming at the mouth yet? Let's face it, he is one crazy guy. I suppose that there will be no new Major League franchise movies with Charlie as the star since the producer of the franchise has said that he "is being difficult". I think that is the understatement of the year! I hope he has some money saved up because I don't think he has a chance of winning the 320 million dollars he is suing over, and I suspect he won't be working much in the future unless he can master the lines, would you like fries with your burger?

It makes me feel good to know that so many humans are reading my blog. However, I don't want to spend my time writing about crazy humans so I will move onto another subject. It seems that Frank Buckles recently died at the age of 110. He is the last veteran of World War I. The United States Veterans Affairs has announced that all veterans from World War I have been granted monetary compensation for any health problems caused by mustard gas or any of the other poisonous gases used during that war. It is a coincidence that this compensation has been offered after all the veterans of the war have died. I'm sure they meant to do it sooner.

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