Wednesday, March 2, 2011

King Sir Demon Flash Bandit

In one of my past entries, I wrote that I won't be attending the royal wedding due to the Queen not including Angel Zoom Smokey and my humans. The Queen Lady got quite upset because I wrote and told her I won't be attending as I had originally planned before she left out my family. This is the letter the Queen Lady sent me and as usual, I want to share it with my loyal readers.

Dear Demon Flash Bandit,
I'm so sorry for the oversight. Believe me, the person in charge of sending out the invitation is in deep trouble. As I told you in past letters, the entire family is looking forward to your attendence. In fact, you were the first on the guest list. I hope you will forgive the mistake, and rest assured that you and your family are all invited to the wedding. Please don't refuse to come because one of my subjects is an idiot.
Your friend, Queen Elizabeth

I do realize that these things do happen, but I still am not happy that she left out President and Mrs. Obama and the first dog, Bo. I have talked to Bo, and he was very upset. Besides, I found out that they serve fruit cake at the wedding, and no self respecting dog (or even human) will eat fruit cake. This is the reply I sent to her.

Dear Queen Lady,
To leave out the United States first dog and then to serve fruit cake at the wedding are two reasons that this dog won't attend. You know that I am a busy dog with lots of invitations, and you have crossed the line. Bo and I were planning to spend some time together, maybe play tug of war, and throw a ball back and forth to each other. It is about time members of the royal family like yourself understand that this dog is doing you a favor gracing you with my presence. As I told you previously, you have been a bad Queen Lady---BAD!!!
Love, Demon Flash Bandit

I wanted to share this information with my readers so the Queen Lady can't say that she didn't have a chance to get me to come to the wedding, but the mix-up with the invitations and then serving fruit cake has made it impossible for me to attend.

Demon Flash Bandit (True Royalty)

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