Sunday, March 6, 2011

Demon Flash Bandit: Corporate Consultant

I'm having a wonderful visit with Deputy Dawg. I'm so glad he was able to get away from his job and visit me this weekend. Perhaps he can come and visit me more often in the future.

Today's blog subject is about McDonalds. I have read several items in the news lately about that company. The first is how the corporation is not happy that their "McJobs" are considered to be underpaid and filled by uneducated humans. They plan to change this by telling the humans that their employees are not underpaid and uneducated. The other news item is that they are going to tone down their long time "mascot" Ronald McDonald to appeal to an older, more sophisticated clientele. These two news items mean one thing to this dog--they need some new humans running the corporation. The fact that their average "crew member" is underpaid is a fact. Most McDonalds restaurants pay minimum wage for an employee who is starting to work there. Sure, in 6 months, they might get another 25 cents, but they seldom get more than 10 cents because the restaurant they work at is losing money. The amazing thing about this is that McDonalds can be making record profits on Wall Street, but their individual restaurants are always "losing" money. Yet despite this, they continue operating these locations for decades.

I have some good ideas for the McDonalds Corporation. Try paying your employees a "living wage". If you pay more money, you can be pickier about who you hire, and you will also not have to worry about people considering your jobs to be McJobs. You might even have humans WANT to work at your restaurants. I know this is a foreign concept for the humans at the top, but that is fact. Some of these executives make more money than they can ever spend, but they still fight the idea of paying their employees who actually make the money for them enough. I have a suggestion that might help them understand. I think all the executives should have to show up and actually do the work they expect their lower employees to do for at least one week a year, and have them receive the same pay. Then maybe they can understand why these jobs are called McJobs.

I also think it is wrong to shove the clown aside. He has been part of the company for years. The "sophisticated clientele will get their coffee there no matter who the "mascot" happens to be. It isn't like the mascot is hanging around the restaurant everyday. I can guarantee you that the sophisticated humans aren't stopping in for the atmosphere. No matter what you order there, it is still a McDonalds, and they aren't known for their elegance. I would love to spend a couple of days as a consultant for the McDonalds corporation. This is the problem with putting humans in charge--they don't think like us dogs!

Demon Flash Bandit (Available for Corporate Consultations)

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  1. McD's do one thing khorrekhtly: they make great places fur dog transports to meet and pass along the pawesome khargo -

    Other than that, woo are spot on!

    PeeEssWoo: And ofFUR the humans a place to go potty ;-)