Monday, March 7, 2011

Demon Flash Bandit: Lead Dog

Charlie Sheen has a new tattoo that spells out "winning". I think I should consider getting a tattoo that describes me. My humans said I should get a similar tattoo that says "whining" because they claim that I whine when I want something I haven't gotten yet. How else am I going to let the humans know what I want? Sometimes I speak to them in human, but I'm not quite sure they understand their own language, and they certainly don't understand dog. Sure, they will "speak" dog from time to time, but they have no idea what they are saying. One day, one of my humans was talking dog, and they had no idea that they were saying, I'm an idiot......don't you agree? By the way, I did agree. When the human is right, the humans is right!

I was pleased to see the Internet saying that the humans in the United States are getting mad at the oil companies. This dog has been wondering when they would finally notice that the oil companies are rotten. It is like most of them didn't notice that when oil prices went up originally, the President and Vice-President were both oil men. It was to their advantage to raise the oil prices. It was also to their advantage to start a war. It always amazes me that it takes the humans so long to put these things together. Sure, they don't have my dog sense, but you would think that they would get the easy connections. The oil companies did the same thing back in the 1970's. As soon as they got the prices higher; the oil, which was supposed to be in short supply, was plentiful again. I suppose some of the humans will believe anything you tell them.

As usual, I could solve most of these financial problems if I were in charge. When a company that provides a necessity that has very little competition gets too ridiculous and starts gouging the consumer; I would order the government to take over and replace the greedy jerks running the company. My guess is that there would be a lot fewer companies pulling tricks like that if they think there will be some repercussions other than making more money. I will never understand how the humans can continue running things when a dog would clearly make a better leader. I've done many surveys on the subject and even cats think dogs would make better leaders than the humans--and they are CATS!!!

Let's take a look at one of the humans who is in the news constantly in recent days-Charlie Sheen. How can he think he is "winning" when he isn't a dog? Being a human, he just sounds insane with his rants. If he were a dog, I would understand since all dogs are winners, but humans are not winners. I suspect he doesn't have a pet dog because, if he did, his dog would tell him to shut it, and quit acting crazy.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Is a Lead Dog)

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  1. I'm glad woo rekhall THAT about the past price inkhreases -

    We think furry much alike!

    As fur the CS 'human' - he must be a khat purrrson!