Monday, March 28, 2011

Snakes, Lunatics, and My Handsome Tail

One of the items in the news today is a follow up on the missing cobra at the Bronx Zoo. It is still lost, and the Reptile House is still closed. This is one dog who would skip the whole "Zoo experience" until the snake is found. The zoo is supposed to be a fun place to see the animals, not a place where the "residents" attack. If you feel you must visit the zoo before the snake is found, I would suggest taking a mongoose along to protect you from the snake. In other news, Charlie Sheen has called his ex-wife, Denise Richards, a dog thief. I'm not sure what caused him to make this new accusation, and I've got a hunch Charlie has no idea what brought it on either. He seems to be in some kind of fairytale land where he is the winner and everyone else is the loser and a troll. I suppose it is good for him because from what I have read, he isn't a winner when it comes to his job. I do enjoy Two and a Half Men, but it is not One Man, One Lunatic and a Boy. Evidently, he must be reading the wrong script. On a happier subject, I have been looking at my tail and I think it is very handsome. I feel bad for the humans because I think they would look so much better with tails. As it is, they walk around on the back paws, and look silly. It makes them fall. All us dogs know that it is better to walk on all 4 paws, and it makes more sense because we don't fall as often walking on all 4 paws. The only time a dog will walk on 2 paws is if he doesn't have all 4 paws to walk on. You would think the humans would know better. It isn't like they make tables or chairs with only 2 legs. I feel like taking a nap so I will end this blog now. That is another thing that would benefit the humans. They don't take enough naps. Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Takes His Naps Seriously)

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