Thursday, March 10, 2011

Play Poker With Dogs!

In a past blog, I talked about the wonderful paintings of dogs playing poker. Sadly, most of us can't afford to own these original paintings due to their cost. I'm still trying to save enough money to buy one for myself. I know I could hang a reproduction, but I'm a dog who happens to be an art connoisseur, and as such, I want the real thing. This is why I have good news for my readers today. There is a game on the Internet that involves playing poker with 4 dogs. The dogs names are Rex, Puddles, Fido, and Spot. Yes, if you play this game, it is like being part of the painting, and what could be better than that? For those who are interested in playing this game, the site address is:
I don't know if playing it is free or not since I just discovered it today so be sure and check on that sort of thing if you decide to play. Since you are playing dogs, you have to remember that they are probably very good poker players and will probably win if you are a mere human.

I have a letter to share with my readers from one of my many celebrity friends. This time it is from the Trix Rabbit.
Dear Demon Flash Bandit,
I want to let you know that I got some Trix cereal today. Do those children really think they can keep a rabbit from getting some delicious Trix cereal? As you know, dogs and rabbits are so much more intelligent than the humans. I wanted to ask you if there are any paintings of bunnies playing poker. I would like to hang something like that in my hutch.
Love, The Trix Rabbit
P.S. Trix cereal is delicious!
No, to my knowledge, there are no paintings of rabbits playing poker.

The rabbit and I have been pals for years, and it is always good to hear from him.
Governor Scott Walker, managed to get his legislation passed taking the bargaining rights away from the union that represents the public employees of Wisconsin. Police and firefighters are exempt, and continue to have bargaining rights. Also the legislature, the ones who overspent in the first place, aren't taking pay cuts. It is amazing how hypocritical some of the humans in power can be. One day, when they meet the "Person" who is really in charge, I'm glad I won't be in their booties.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Playing Poker)

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