Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen: He is No Deputy Dawg!

I hope my readers enjoyed the letter I received from Charlie Sheen and that I shared on my blog yesterday. I have received 2 more letters from him since yesterday, but I'm not going to share them today. They weren't nearly as coherent as the letter I shared yesterday. This will come as a great surprise to my readers, but Charlie Sheen actually sounded crazy with the last two letters. Yeah, I know that is shocking, but it is true. I might add that he is planning a trip to Haiti with Sean Penn. Haven't those people in Haiti suffered enough?

I got a telephone call last night from the Queen Lady begging me to attend the royal wedding, but I had to remind her that she did not ask Bo Obama, first dog. It is about time the Queen Lady learned that there are consequences for actions.

I am very excited today because I am going to have company later today. Deputy Dawg is coming to visit me!!! I have been asking him to come for a long time, but he has been having problems getting away due to those varmints he has to keep in line. Muskie and Vince can be a real pawful for Deputy Dawg. The Sheriff is going to take over for a couple of days so Deputy Dawg can have a couple of days off so he is going to come and spend that time with me. I had better go now because I've got a lot to do before my celebrity guest arrives. I wonder if Charlie Sheen realizes that he doesn't have the star status of Deputy Dawg--few humans possess such charisma!

Demon Flash Bandit (Excited to See Deputy Dawg!)

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