Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Improving Television Programming

I have been planning some new television programs that I think would be big hits. The first show is Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry which is a show about how rich, dog celebrites choose to live. King of the Kennel is the story of a regular working dog (a German Shepherd) who delivers bones to other dogs' homes. Married With Puppies is about a Bassett Hound who sells dog booties and his disfunctional family. Mushtrek is about a team of Siberian huskies who mush to outer space. Barkville is the story of Superdog when he was a puppy. The Incredible Great Dane is the story of a chihuahua who was exposed to gamma radiation and turns into a Great Dane whenever he gets angry. Believe me, that is quite a switch. Saint Bernard and Son--the story of a St. Bernard and his puppy who collect garbage and sell it to other dogs. Pomeranians of Hazzard who ride around in their 1969 Dodge Charger driving the pig who runs the town nuts. Mad Dogs is about dogs who are in advertising.

As you can see, I have been busy thinking up good dog shows for the networks. If any network executives are reading this (this would exclude the ones from NBC because I suspect they can't read), get in touch with me. I've always got lots of ideas.

By the way, conpawtulations to the couple in Iowa. They were about to lose their home to foreclosure, but they get to keep it after one payment thanks to one of the couple not signing the loan documents. Evidently, some of the humans are mad about their good fortune, but if you ask me; any mortgage company should know to get both signatures before handing out money. They are in the business and should know the laws. I guess I just have trouble feeling sorry for large mortgage companies whose CEOs probably get paid more in a month than that house sold for.

Demon Flash Bandit (Improving Television Programming)

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