Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Paczki Day

Today is paczki day in the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area. Yes, the day that the Polish people who settled here make a delicious doughnut for "Fat Tuesday". This dog plans to have at least one paczki in my paws before the day it over. I have an elaborate plan in place in case the humans say they aren't for dogs. I plan to wear my hat and my Superman cape. No one can refuse to give Superman a paczki. This is when my blue eyes come in handy since the humans don't expect a dog to have blue eyes. Sure, my humans know I have blue eyes, but my plan is to visit all the neighbors and get a paczki from each of them. They don't call it Fat Tuesday for nothing. The best thing about the situation is that I don't have to give up anything for Lent. If I did, I would just give up some fur because I'm always shedding it everywhere anyway so it isn't much of a sacrifice. Giving up something you love doesn't sound like fun.

I was browsing the Internet for some interesting tidbits from the news and I found the most depressing contest ever. A radio station in Aschaffenberg, Germany is having a contest in which the prize is a check for $4,200. that MUST be spent on death insurance. It seems kind of silly to me since I thought death is one of those inevitable things to happen. To win the prize, the entrants must come up with the most clever epitaph for their tombstone. I'm waiting to see if the epitaph, "I won the contest so I can die now" will be one of the clever entries. The amazing fact is that over 600 people have entered the contest. If you ask this dog, it sounds like the people who live there must not be having much fun in their lives because this is a contest that this dog wouldn't bother to enter. Of course, I have no plans to cross over the bridge. I plan to stay and enjoy important events like "Paczki Day" forever.

Demon Flash Bandit (Celebrating Paczki Day)

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  1. My mom was furry strong today when she went to the store -

    She didn't get any of the special treats ofFURed -

    Khan woo believe that?

    I hope woo enjoyed one fur me!