Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bronx Zoo's Cobra to Host SNL?

I have been blogging about the cobra who is missing from the Bronx Zoo for several days now so I will start this blog with the latest information I have found about the snake. There is now a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to having the cobra host Saturday Night Live. She (evidently is it a female snake) was considering attending the Broadway show, Spiderman. I think she would enjoy it since I would assume that snakes probably don't mind spiders. She even took some time to pull a practical joke. She went to the Mueseum of Natural History and tweeted that "this is going to be hilarious". I can't argue with her on that. I bet the reaction of the humans at the museum would be funny. Who would expect a snake in a museum exhibit to come to life? That will teach the humans not to allow dogs at museums! By the way, for those of you who have been keeping up with the snake, there is now a full line of merchandies available in honor of the snake. There are t-shirts, mugs, and thongs. For those of you who would like to correspond with the snake, the email address is: I'm happy for the cobra, but I would like to know why I haven't received as much attention as the snake. I'm a lot furrier and cuter, and I could do a great job hosting Saturday Night Live. I think I am just as funny as the snake. At least chose my diary as a diary pick today. They don't even have a snakester--just dogster and catster. The Governor of Wisconsin, Walker, is having his problems. The court has decreed that his latest law that was supposed to deduct money from the state workers' paychecks is not valid. Of course, he says that the court has no authority to interject in the matter. Evidently, the man is unfamiliar with the U.S. system of government with its 3 branches to balance each other so one power hungry politician can't do as he pleases. Those founding fathers were smart humans. I've got to go now. I am going to call my agent and ask why I haven't been offered a job as host of Saturday Night Live. If a snake can be a host, then a dog would be a better host. Demon Flash Bandit (Future Host of SNL?)

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