Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Candy--Welcome to Use My Doggy Door

I have been watching some M+M commercials, and there is one in which the M+M with a briefcase uses the doggy door to get into the house. Since it is a doggy door, I do not think this behavior should be encouraged. However, if tasty candy wants to come through my doggy door, I will make an exception and it is allowed. Of course, it won't last long after this dog sees it in the house. There is another one in which the M+Ms are eating M+Ms. If this was a human eating another human, it would be called cannibalism. I guess it is M+Mibalism. This means that a dog can eat as many of them as possible without feeling guilty. After all, it is not nice to eat your own kind so they must be stopped. In fact, any candy that chooses to can walk through my doggy door and I will be glad to welcome that candy into my tummy. YUM!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Is Hospitable to Candy)

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