Monday, March 14, 2011

Items in the News

This dog would like to express my sadness at the loss of life and all the destruction that has affected Japan. As if the earthquake and tsunami weren't bad enough, the problems with the nuclear power plant is making it even more devastating. My prayers go out to the people affected by this great tragedy! I personally don't know why the humans use nuclear power plants to power things anyway. It seems to me that they could find a safer method, but of course, that would probably take the kind of genius that only us dogs possess.

Another news item that I found interesting is about a man in Gainesville, Florida who bought a printer at Walmart so he could print counterfeit United States currency. He tried to use the money at a local restaurant, and they refused to take it. He has been arrested, and I'm wondering if in addition to charges of counterfeiting, perhaps he was also charged with stupidity. I think even most birds know that printers and paper from Walmart won't make realistic looking United States currency.

Demon Flash Bandit (Commenting on the News)

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